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A few quick questions: 

  • Do you seek help with your DIY project?
  • Are you a builder looking for a way to turn out more product with increased profitability?
  • Would you like qualified leads for home improvement customers seeking finishing assistance?
  • Do you want a bulk sales option for customers building in high volume?
  • Are you ready to say YES to customers asking "Do you offer SIPs?"

Serving Your Needs

Owner/Builders - Find the help you need for special tasks.

Developers - Plant your stake in the ground of the "green building" market. Our finish-ready structures are the perfect fit for family compounds, campground cottages, rural eco-villages, and urban infill communities. You'll find a growing wealth of Earth-friendly designs that appeal to customers interested in sustainable living. We can also assist in connecting you with resources for larger homes and commercial properties.  

Builders - Now you can enjoy the benefits of building with structural insulated panels (SIPs), including an excellent air-tight exterior envelope, variable insulation factors for excellent energy efficiency, and super-fast assembly of a prefabricated tiny house shell. Most tiny houses on wheels (THOW) average less than a day to assemble, with cabins and cottages usually only taking a day or two. Save your customers money, help them upgrade to premium features, and Increase your profits.

Designers/Architects - We are happy to convert your home plans to SIP panel packages to maintain the unique attributes your customers love about your designs. Additionally, working with SIPs makes it easy for you to extend your product mix by offering an expansion of length, change of shape/roofline, and addition of optional features, like integrated porches, dormers, clearstory windows, and more. All are easily added to the mix for your wholesale panel packages.

Let's Connect!

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